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River Dippers Application

If you have an account at, or you set up a new account (they’re free), you can start the sign up process there. Search for “River Dippers“.

You can alternately mail in the form below.


Name(s)*:  __________________________________________________________

Address:   __________________________________________________________

City:      __________________________________________________________

County*:   __________________________________________________________

State*:    _______________________ Zip ______________________________

Phone*:    _(________)_______________________________________________

Email*:    __________________________________________________________

           Do you want to receive River Dipper information/schedule
           updates at this e-mail address?          YES ____  NO ____

        (activities you would like to participate in with the group.) 

* I (we) would like my (our) information to be included in the next
edition of the River Dippers Contact Directory:     YES ____  NO ____

Are you currently a member of The Naturist Society? YES ____  NO ____

           If Yes, please list your TNS membership # ________________
                                 and expiration date ________________

Membership Desired (Choose One)
(Contribution rates are per household/mailing address.)
Membership Rates 1 Year 2 Years Enclosed
River Dippers Only $15 $30 $
River Dippers & The Naturist Society $70 $130 $
River Dippers & The Naturist Society
Young Adult(18-25) or Seniors(65+)
$60 $110 $
Additional Contributions are appreciated $



I acknowledge that there are risks of personal injury associated with
hiking, camping, canuding, and other activities, whether or not
organized by River Dippers, and do hereby assume any and all risks for
any said personal injury I and/or my family may sustain while engaging
in said activities, and do hereby release and forever discharge River
Dippers, its officers, and members from any action, suits, damages,
claims, and/or judgments that may result from any and all personal
injuries I or my family may sustain while engaging in said activities,
or in going to or from said activities.  This release is binding upon
me, my heirs, and assigns.

Signed: _____________________________________________________________


Send to:
	River Dippers
	P.O. Box 214513
	Sacramento, CA 95821-0513